An international solution provider for manufacturers and owners of wind turbines.

We are a part of FAMUR. Together we offer comprehensive solutions for wind energy.

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We operate both



on- and offshore since

Total Wind PL

We specialize in installation, service and maintenance of wind turbines as well as the repair of blades.

We are a part of FAMUR (Grenevia Group). Together we offer comprehensive solutions for wind energy.

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Since 2005 we have gained experience in both onshore and offshore installation of wind turbines for major  producers: Gamesa, Nordex, Enercon, Siemens, Vestas and GE.  

We have performed all over the world having our technicians engaged in projects in whole Europe, Africa  and Asia where we installed more than 1.000 wind turbines.


Fully equipped warehouse with hand tools, hydraulic and electric tools, lifting equipment, PPE and working clothes

We are able to provide tools for installation and service teams

Own calibration stand

Warehouse team able to perform PPE inspections, lifting equipment inspection, rope access inspection

Turbine blades repair

We can offer service of qualified technicians to perform turbine blades inspection and repairs.


We have performed maintenance service for many different clients in Poland and Europe covering main components exchange, BBX exchange, retrofits but also  first maintenance and annual checks scheduled by the wind farm owners and ad hoc services.

Car fleet

We can use a fleet of own service vehicles that have been equipped with the necessary tools for service work for all types of wind turbines.

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Konikowo 87
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Konikowo 87
76-024 Świeszyno