We are pleased to announce, that from Thursday, the 8th of November 2018, 100% of shares in Total Wind PL Sp. z o.o. are in the possession of SHP Holding. The remaining shares were obtained and transferred to SHP Holding on the basis of a notarial deed – an agreement drawn up in this way means that at the time of signing the notarial deed, the ownership of the shares changed. Relevant changes in the National Court Register entry have already been made.

This means that Total Wind PL Sp. z o.o. has unimpeachably, in all formal and legal terms, separated itself from Total Wind A/S, which underwent bankruptcy at the end of April 2018, and is a fully independent enterprise. What is worth mentioning – an enterprise that still operates in the industry and has qualified, trained and experienced wind turbine technicians, necessary tools and in-depth knowledge of the profession.